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Integrate single or multiple Shopify stores with Salesforce

Salesforce-Shopify integration by Technology Mindz helps in syncing contacts and customer data, automate order processing, and sales activity of a single or multiple Shopify stores with Salesforce CRM. This integration empowers businesses to manage several online and offline stores from a single platform panel that enables inventory and customer management. It’s a 2-way syncing process that can contemporize orders, products, and customers from Shopify to Salesforce CRM and vice-versa.

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Salesfore-Shopify Integration


July 7, 2020



The Objective

It is a pain to manage multiple online and offline inventories, orders, products, and customers for any Shopify user. Technology Mindz analyzed the difficulties faced by business owners and planned to integrate Shopify with Salesforce CRM seamlessly. Shopify users get to sync their products, order details, and sales inventories from several stores in one place, which is comparatively easy to manage with the help of this system integration.

The Challenge

To manage customer data, product details, order status manually for one or more online /offline eCommerce stores is not a convenient option for any business owner. To overcome the challenge and for a faster and effective way to manage the orders, it is essential to make some system changes by using advanced technical features and updates.

Some of the other issues faced by the Shopify eCommerce users are:

  • Managing one or more offline and online stores.
  • Updating multiple stores at once.
  • Managing all customer data in a centralized system.
  • Coping up with on-time process management.
  • Handling multiple locations’ inventory management.
  • Sales/Inventory forecasting.
  • Order tracking, fulfillment and return process management.

The Solution

Technology Mindz looked into the needs and challenges of a single or multiple Shopify store owner and with all the provisions, the following solution(s) were proposed and provided:

  • A centralized dashboard in Salesforce CRM to handle multiple Shopify stores.
  • 2 Way synchronization process for products, customers, and orders from Shopify to Salesforce and vice versa.
  • Unified Salesforce platform to manage offline and online stores and the feature of automation for repetitive tasks.
  • Multi-store oriented integration to enhance the management of eCommerce data more efficiently.
  • Feature to process bulk data from Shopify store to Salesforce and vice versa.
  • Setup a process of orders and products synchronization to manage inventory effectively.
  • Functionality to sync products price based on selected price book.
  • Feature of field mapping; to map products, orders, and customers.

Technical Approach

To fulfill the specific needs of Shopify users, the following approach has been applied:

  • Created the system capability for one way and two way syncing of products, orders, and customers.
  • Developed functionality to mass delete products, orders, and customers.
  • Created a dashboard, objects to store all the authentication information.
  • Built a Lightning component with a sidebar having 4 menus: Configuration, Products, Customers, and Orders.
  • Created a Lightning model box to show the mapping and progress at every step.
  • Used regex for search functionality.

The Benefits

Salesforce-Shopify integration provided the following benefits to the end-user(s):

  • Access to real-time multiple store updates.
  • Minimized operational expenses.
  • Feature to sync inventory with just a single click.
  • Sales/Inventory forecasting.
  • Enhanced customer service.
  • Effective cross and up-selling of products.
  • Categorization into different segments for products, customers, and orders.
  • Effective utilization of multiple Shopify stores in single Salesforce CRM.

The Results

The customers achieved the following results after using, ‘Salesforce-Shopify integration’ provided by Technology Mindz:

  • Remarkable reduction in time to manage the orders, customers, and products.
  • Enhanced customer experience with faster fulfillment and return process of orders.
  • Resolved the issue of sorting the products, order details, and customers from different login accounts.
  • Eased inventory management with orders and products synchronization.
  • Fixed the requirement of adding/deletion of the products, customers, and orders.
  • Helped teams to close deals more efficiently by providing value-added features like automation, lead tracking, and analytics.
  • Assisted users to be more productive and achieved marketing and sales alignment.